President, Sutton Québec

We will empower homeowners one step at a time.

Julie Gaucher is the President of Sutton (Québec), Services immobiliers inc, a company she co-founded in 1995.  With a banking background in commercial credit, Julie has used her skills and expertise to help numerous entrepreneurs make their project a reality. Her sound advice and pragmatic approach have made her a reference figure in the business world.

With a Master’s degree in portfolio management and corporate financing, Julie doesn’t just run her own business.  She also heads up a number of Sutton agencies, which gives her an insight into the challenges and realities of entrepreneurs, whether real estate agents or franchisees.  According to Julie, the key to success lies in fully investing in your goals, passionate customer service and continuously improving your knowledge.  And that’s also the line of action of Sutton Quebec: Invested all the way.

  Julie's colleagues describe her as a woman of integrity and fairness, with a great ability to bring people together. Always ready to collaborate with her peers, she works tirelessly to strengthen Quebec's real estate industry, ensuring that real estate agents are experienced and act professionally. Her involvement in several bills aimed at regulating the real estate industry testifies to her commitment to improving the sector.

  Today, Julie is surrounded by 18 franchisees affiliated with Sutton (Québec), Services immobiliers inc. and nearly 1,500 real estate agents. She relies on a multidisciplinary team to pursue Sutton's growth and continue to innovate in the real estate field. Her visionary leadership and passion for customer service remain the pillars of her success and that of her company.

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