Buying a house can be an exciting, but also intimidating process. We’ve created some resources for home buyers below that can help you find your perfect home, while avoiding some costly pitfalls. If you’re ready to take the plunge and need some expert help, click here to find a Sutton agent near you.

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Buyer resources

First time home buyers

Everything first time home buyers need to know about purchasing their first home.

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Home renovations

Get home renovation tips to help ensure you're taking the right steps to your renos.

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Health tips

Having a healthy home is important to living a healthy life. See our tips here.

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A Long, Healthy Life Begins at Home article image

A Long, Healthy Life Begins at Home

Tuesday 30th, 2024
Sutton Realty

You may have heard of Blue Zones—regions where statistically large portions of the population enjoy long and vibrant lives. In his popular books and documentaries, Dan Buettner, a journalist and National Geographic Explorer and Fellow, recounts setting Guiness World records by cycling along the backroads of numerous countries. During his journeys, he met people who were happily living well into old age—sometimes beyond 100 years. Read more

Easy Ways to Save $1,500 Annually article image

Easy Ways to Save $1,500 Annually

Monday 15th, 2024
Sutton Realty

Following holiday splurges, you may be looking for ways to save money. Did you know that with very little effort and often no additional investment, you can make changes around your home that save up to $1,500 annually? These tips will help you reduce your electrical, heating and cooling costs all year round. Read more

Warm up to Winter Entertaining article image

Warm up to Winter Entertaining

Monday 4th, 2023
Sutton Realty

As snow blankets the rooftops and stars twinkle in the early night sky, we crave the cozy indoors and time with friends and family. Winter gatherings are an occasion to slow down, mingle and indulge in the comfort of home. This season, why not entertain in style? You don’t need to be a professional chef or interior decorator to host an exceptional gathering; simply unleash your creativity. Read more