Selling your home can seem like a difficult and complicated process. Let us help you make sense of it all! Check out our selection of resources for prospective home sellers tailored specifically for our Canadian market! If you’re thinking that you’re ready to get started with the selling process, click here to find a Sutton agent near you.

What's my home worth?
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Seller resources


Everything home sellers need to know about selling their home to get the most.

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We address everything that you need to prepare your property listing.

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Finding your REALTOR®

Finding the right REALTOR® to sell your home measn getting the most money possible.

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Understanding contracts and waht terms mean when accpeting an offer on your home.

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Recent posts

Controlling Weeds article image

Controlling Weeds

Wednesday 3rd, 2023
Sutton Realty

Wild invaders in our lawns, gardens and flowerbeds steal precious nutrients, water and sunlight from surrounding plants. Weeds are fast-growing and perfectly adapted to their local environment: they can often tolerate heat, a lack of water, and harsh winter weather. It can feel like a losing battle, but homeowners can turn the tide with a multi-step approach. Read more

How to Remove Wallpaper article image

How to Remove Wallpaper

Wednesday 12th, 2023
Sutton Realty

Your perfect home has one flaw: the previous owners put up garish wallpaper in the kitchen. Will you learn to live with it? Or try painting over it? Neither are ideal solutions. Instead, with a little effort and time, you can safely and successfully remove the wallpaper to customize your own beautiful space. Read more

B.C. Opens to the Door to Housing article image

B.C. Opens to the Door to Housing

Friday 3rd, 2023
Sutton Realty

Three days after David Eby took office as British Columbia’s Premier on November 18, 2022, he announced sweeping reforms to rental restrictions in strata properties through Bill 44, which received Royal Assent and went into effect on November 24, 2022. Bill 44 was designed to address the province’s housing shortage and indirectly lower rental rates. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in B.C. was $2,163 in February 2023 ( High rents and low supply are especially difficult for students and job seekers unable to relocate for educational or employment opportunities. Read more