Embrace your Uniqueness.


What sets Sutton apart?

At Sutton, we embrace our uniqueness. It’s in our DNA. Ever since we started our first office in North Vancouver, BC over 35 years ago, our agents have been empowered to build and grow their business their own way. We believe that you can be a part of something great without sacrificing your individuality. With $35 Billion in annual sales, over 6,000 Agents and 200 offices across Canada, we believe this formula works.

As a 100% Canadian company, we represent communities from coast to coast, and our agents are proud to tell their clients we’ve been locally owned and operated since 1983. At Sutton, the maple leaf is part of our brand.


Who we are

Our Ownership. We’re locally owned and 100% Canadian, since 1983. We love the maple leaf!

Our History. We’ve been in business for 30+ years. We love being the first to do things: First to offer an email address to all our agents, first real estate franchise to have a website, first to provide websites to our agents.

Our Size. We’re big, real big! We have over 6,000 associates in over 200 offices across the country.

Our product. It’s a simple but powerful model. We empower our agents, with the necessary tools, resources and support, and encourage them to leverage the trusted Sutton brand.

What's in it for you?


We've invested 30+ years in a brand Canadians know and trust. Use it to your advantage!

Sutton branded signs Sutton branded apparel


We stay ahead of the times, so you don’t have to. Our team strives to stay ahead of industry trends. We’re constantly on the look for new technology that’ll help our agents and brokers. Our goal? Make running your business easier!

Sutton Website

Our industry-leading website, which averages 200,000 views a month is easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. It makes that whole looking for an agent, buying or selling a house process quick, efficient AND fun!

Sutton Lead Management System

Tired of cold calling? We are too, that’s why we built one of the most advanced lead management systems on the market! Our lead management system feeds you leads directly from our website and makes it easy to respond and keep in touch.

Sutton Referral Platform

We have a huge national referral network, so we built a tool for you to take advantage. Send and track referrals instantly! Find any Sutton agent based on name, location, or specialty language in an easy-to-use online app!

Marketing Center

We give you the Tools you need to Succeed. Our marketing center offers industry leading templates and tools that make marketing a snap!

Sutton marketing center

Coaching & Training

State-of-the-art training with Sutton University Professional Development. If you are a new agent or if you think you could use some review, our online training platform offers interactive online courses in sales and marketing, social media and much more!

Sutton training platform

Networking Opportunities

We offer our agents a variety of networking opportunities to help them grow because it’s not what you know, it’s who knows you.

National & Local Events

Sutton and its offices offer national and local events, such as Sutton Connect Conference, Sutton Award Galas, Sutton Networking Cruises and Charity Golf Tournaments, and much more!

Achievement Recognitions

At Sutton, we recognize hard work, loyalty and achievement by rewarding our top performers and tenure award recipients.

Sutton's awards

Community Involvement

Sutton Spirit Community Involvement

Over the years, Sutton has helped raise millions of dollars in local communities. The Sutton Spirit program recognizes Sutton associates across Canada that improve and enhance the lives of people around them. Their Sutton stories are published weekly and illustrate the generosity and commitment of the Sutton community.